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With an expert, friendly, and efficient network services, we always give a full commitment to give you the best and the most reliable quality of internet experiences.






Quick Respon
  • Fast respon staff and conection
  • Customer care service 24 hour to make sure your good  internet connection always on
High Speed Internet
  • Fast internet connection for your needs
Full fiber
  • Your reliable and smart solution for internet service with fiber optic infrastructure

Internet Broadband Service

Most businesses these days require an internet connection in order to function effectively and efficiently.

Dedicated Internet Service

Dedicated internet will run your business with stable and symmetrical upload & download speed connection. To make your corporation will be able 24-hours for the best dedicated access.

Hospitality solutions will helps you to manage the internet connection at your corporation. We can also do interfacing with PMS and find the best solution to allows you monitoring access & check your status faster.

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JFC Manager Bali

"I really like using Fly net, the network is good and not slow"


Public Relation

As long as this life is my internet right choice



Flynet Today's 

Internet Choice New 

But Quality Internet Flynet

Flynet is awesome

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